Anniversary, After, All.

10th of May, 2015. Our First wedding anniversary. We were going to move into our first apartment together. A home we both would make our own. We had packed up half of our belongings the weekend before. Ready to move on the 7th of May. New lease signed. Uhaul truck booked. Amazon order for patio…

Frozen in Time.

when everyone around you seems to move on and you see life go by.

Prepare for the worst, Hope for the best!

We met on this day, Eight years ago. Looking back, I guess we were meant to meet. He was meant to miss his bus, I was meant to have no plans on New Years. And we ended up accompanying our best friend’s to a 2008 New Year’s Eve party. He with his best bud, Harish;…

Not yet home.

Life as you had known it is gone. It has changed, leaving no control in your hands. You choose to ride the storm, or perish.

First day, away.

This is hard. Being away from him. It has been five months, on the 3rd of October. I drove on Sunday night to get back to the apartment. It was time I got back to something normal in the hope of getting our life squared once again. It has been five months, and I had…