Happy Valentine’s Day

I hope you started the morning happy today. Cheerful and hopeful. With or without roses, big celebrations or humble dinners. Even if you are far apart, I hope you find the time to express your love. Over everything else, I hope you have someone you love and who loves you back.

I still do. In pieces. Grateful.

We were never really big celebrators. There were never Valentine’s dinners or flowers. He did manage to surprise me with an occasion single rose, on days I would least expect it. It was effortless being with him. We just enjoyed each day. With Jitish travelling most of the week, seeing him over the weekend was celebration enough.

Now I just wish he would know what Valentine’s day even means. I woke in the morning and whispered to him, “Happy Valentines day, Shona!”. He had the biggest smile in the morning. Thank God! He understands today is a special day. Why? That he doesn’t.

Despite the traumatic experience that doesn’t seem to end, Jitish tries to maintain a happy disposition. With more than 75% TBI survivors experiencing depression, Jitish is holding relatively strong.

We should have had more time together. Well, that accident should never have happened. Or atleast, the damage shouldn’t have had to be this terrible. I do just wish we had more time together. For now, this should barely do.

He absolutely loves it when I am home on weekends, spending all the time I can with him. The days I can manage to work remote are especially exhilarating to him. He is such a cutie. I sit in the store room to work and he sits beside me, making sure he doesn’t talk. He just loves to hangs out. And I feel like he is coming back. Like he is still there inside.


No matter how bad or how deep the hole is, climb out for a day. And breathe.

There is a lot of pain; but just for one day, it can wait.

Be happy.

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  1. Shikha says:

    Hey! I was thinking about you guys on Valentine’s Day! Hope you both had a beautiful time! I am glad Jitish is recovering and remembering things. My best to him and love to you! 🙂


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