Apologies, bear with me.

It has been been 319 days since I could bring myself to publish a post again. Apologies, to everyone who has been trying to get in touch and wishing us well. While each year that has passed since the accident has been tough, I was not prepared to deal with the lasting consequences of the accident. Acceptance has taken its time. And I have tried hard, NOT to accept the new reality. I continue being the torchbearer, documenting his fight to come back to life. I have documented his progress throughout the years; for him (to look back on someday), for me (to know how far we have come), and for everyone else who might be facing a similar condition (to give hope, some respite, and a consoling hug).  I hope to be stronger, and finally publish these posts.

A quick update.

Jitish has made leaps and bounds of progress in the last year alone, which might seem like baby steps to the rest of us.

  • Physical balance improving; walks on his own now, however loss of feeling on the right side means he locks his right and trips often
  • No long term memory yet, procedural memory and short term memory is stronger
  • Anger and mood fluctuations are quite common and frequent lately; reduced violent behavior on the bright side
  • Inability to remember and recall alphabets and numbers; very slow at reading
  • Stronger at mathematics and logic
  • Language skills are surprisingly strong; severe aphasia still exists
  • Social skills are above all the most recovered

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